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Boiling Water Taps

On your quest for a new kitchen, you may well have looked into the prospect of a boiling water tap. Boiling water taps are high-tech, sink or counter mounted taps which can produce boiling water immediately, upping the convenience stakes and removing the need for boiling a kettle entirely.

How Do They Work?

Boiling water taps work on mains water. It is drawn and stored in a tank at a very high temperature. This allows access to instant boiling water by simply turning the tap. The tank varies in capacity depending on the model you choose, but regardless will sit neatly beneath the sink, fitting into a standard 600mm cabinet unit.


Different boiling water taps come with different functions:

  • A standalone boiling water tap sits separately from, but alongside the main hot/cold water tap on your sink.
  • A 3-in-1 tap is part of the main mixer tap but with the added function of providing boiling water.
  • A multi-function tap is an all singing, all dancing tap! It has the capability of producing boiling, hot or cold water, filtered, chilled or even carbonated water.
Filtered, carbonated water. Direct from your tap.
Filtered, carbonated water. Direct from your tap.

There are also options of taps which don’t provide hot water but can filter water for you, usually known as a 2-in-1.


  • Safety: Most taps have safety features fitted so you can’t just turn on the flow as you would with a normal tap, preventing younger children from getting burnt. Also, some taps have aerated delivery, meaning they have air through the water to stop scalding.
  • Filtration: Most taps have an in-built filter to remove impurities. This improves taste and means you don’t have to buy bottled water, helping you use less plastic too.
  • Efficiency: With a boiling water tap you only use what you need compared to boiling the kettle which can often be overfilled. The boiling water tap improves on water-wastage, leading to a greener home for you and less money spent on wasted water.
  • Speed: Most kettles take 3-4 minutes to boil. The boiling water is dispensed from the tap immediately and removes the wait time for your cup of tea, saucepan for boiling pasta or dishwashing water!
  • Frees Up Space: The tap, with all of its possible features, means a compact solution to a variety of needs. Boiling water, filtered water and chilled water means no kettles, bottles or jugs. As a result, you will gain in storage and worktop space.
Pasta boiling with ease after using the boiling water tap to fill a saucepan
Pasta boiling with ease after using the boiling water tap to fill a saucepan


  • Water temperature: Most taps actually give out water at just below 100 degrees (96 – 98 degrees) although there are some taps out there which do provide the full 100 degree boiling point temperature.
  • Cabinet Space: The tank does take up the space of an under-sink base unit cabinet. Before installing, you need to ensure this is space you are able to give up.
  • Filter: The filter will need to be replaced approximately every six months. This is something to factor in to costings.

In our showroom here at Core we have the Quooker Flex boiling water tap and we find it to be very convenient, smart and easy to use. There are many different manufacturers out there though, such as Perrin & Rowe or Franke, each of whom’s taps have different capabilities, features and benefits, and deciding which is right for you is very much down to individual requirements.

To visit our Cornish showroom for a demonstration of our boiling water tap or to speak to us about boiling tap options for your bespoke kitchen, as well as any other kitchen design queries, call us today on 07540946570.

Steaming hot cup of tea, all made without having to wait for the kettle to boil
Steaming hot cuppa, all made without having to wait for the kettle to boil