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Colour for your Kitchen

Colour is such an important part of decorating your home. The paint and colour scheme you choose can totally alter the feeling of a room, making it feel homely, chic, spacious or cozy. To avoid having to go through the hassle of repainting too soon and to get the most from your interior space, it is important to be sure about the colours you select and this is particularly true for a kitchen, where so much time is spent and where a multitude of colour combinations and finishes can come together.

Here at Core we use Little Greene paint because of its excellent colour range, opaque finish and its eco-friendly backstory. Below we have a useful guide of how to choose your colours and what each colour can bring to your room, including some colour suggestions from the Little Greene range.


White is fresh, minimalistic and clean looking. As the lightest colour it can bring space to a smaller room and reflect any light that comes in to the area. It can work as a great energizer in the morning at breakfast and can also look very chic, as well as being easy to match a multitude of other colours in with. Whether you opt for a monochrome kitchen and have black accessories or flooring or instead choose vibrant, bright utensils, white is classic and works beautifully in any style of home.
The only thing to watch when choosing white is it can show dirt and flaws more readily than other colours, so keeping it clean is a must.

Take a look at Loft White and Slaked Lime from Little Greene for your white kitchen.


The ‘in’ shade this year, green is a popular choice for 2021. Whether you go for a vibrant mint, a classic sage or a deep forest green, you’re on to a winner. Brighter greens are striking and crisp and pair well with white and stainless steel whereas darker greens give your kitchen a lovely, earthy, country feel and can look beautiful combined with natural wood and brass finishes. Lately, a lot of greens infused with a good amount of citrus yellow have made an appearance and this makes for a lovely, bright space which is lively and reminiscent of springtime.

Some gorgeous greens from Little Greene are Green Verditer, Sage Green or Puck.


Bringing the beach home, blues work equally well in a seaside location or an urban home. Light or mid-range blues feel airy and modern and can bring a sense of calm to your kitchen. Although darker blues can also be used, this is better as an accent colour, for example on tiles or on cabinets which are paired with paler shades such as grey, white or other light and neutral colours to avoid making a room feel too dark. Depending on the blue you choose your kitchen can take on a vintage, modern or country style and is sure to give the room the personality you want it to have.

Try Little Greene’s Pale Wedgewood, Grey Stone and Deep Space Blue as a pale, mid-toned or dark blue.


If you want to have a warm, cheerful space which feels like you have stepped in to the med, orange can be a brilliant kitchen colour choice. Pairing beautifully with natural wood and terracotta tiles, oranges in a variety of colours can work. Burnt orange is particularly fashionable at the moment and brings vibrancy that no other colour can match, whilst still allowing a room to feel cozy due to the warmth that orange tones give. If the deeper shade of orange seems too imposing, a pumpkin orange can be a lovely alternative. Simply paint it on your walls and contrast the cabinets in wood or white shade for a unique, homely room.

Marigold and Orange Aurora by Little Greene are excellent choices.


Be bold with a statement colour like yellow. Sunny, happy and calming, yellow is an appealing, appetite-inducing colour for a kitchen. For a retro look, team it with turquoise accessories or for something modern and full of life try yellow cabinets with white tops and walls. Whether you choose a pale yellow or a bright, sunshine yellow your room will be lifted and jovial, a lovely space to spend time in which feels both light and mellow. Yellow also makes a wonderful backdrop for house plants and therefore works nicely in a biophilic kitchen.

Choose from the warm Mister David, the balanced Indian Yellow or the super-bright Trumpet by Little Greene and see your room come to life!


Timeless and current, a grey kitchen can be a great, versatile choice for any space. Grey rooms should be well-lit to avoid them looking too flat or two dimensional. Grey is suitable in a variety of environments and gives a clean and contemporary feeling to a kitchen which is either large or small. Although grey can be considered a cold colour, complement it with warm neutrals or natural wood finishes to warm it up, or alternatively select a grey with a warm undertone to keep a space from feeling too cool. Grey is also the colour of choice for the Scandinavian style which has become so popular lately. Combine it with white and wooden features for a classic, Nordic feeling kitchen.

Greys from Little Greene like French Grey and Urbane Grey are excellent choices.

To discuss your colour options for your perfect kitchen or to come and see our showroom kitchen colours, call us today on 07540946570 or email info@adriancore.co.uk