Solid Walnut Photo Frames

Solid Walnut photo frames finished with Osmo Polyx.

These solid Walnut photo frames were part of a larger commercial job and as part of the brief, our client wanted some very special frames making. One of the frames required was for an old sign made when the company was in its youth. The other was to show the previous generations of the family that had worked in the company. We matched the frames in with other walnut features that had been made around the building. We used solid American Black Walnut finished with Osmo Polyx with 3mm thick glass. American Black Walnut varies in colour from rich chocolate-brown to a purplish-black and is known for complimenting a range of interior designs. Its wood grain is rather coarse and it has a fine even texture which makes its look truly unique. It is known for being moderately durable, tough and strong and is very easily worked. It’s a great choice for furniture and accessories as it finishes well and takes an excellent polish. If you love the look of walnut, why not use it in your new bespoke furniture designs? Known for being used in cabinets, gun stocks, musical instruments and decorative veneers, it really is a wood that can pull off many looks. This classic style is designed to show the beauty of natural hardwood, without detracting attention from the picture on display or the interior that surrounds it. The frames that were made by Adrian Core are finished in Osmo Polyx high solid oil, which enhances the beauty of the grain. This finish also provides water resistance and durability ensuring that the furniture will last for many years to come.  This finish is a popular one for us, because in comparison to conventional applications, the natural oils and waxes allow for an even colouring and a smooth, harmonic surface.

  • Style: Bespoke Furniture
  • Client: Ugalde