Adrian Core


Responsible Working to Protect the Environment and Promote A Green Future

Greener living is vital in protecting our planet and paving our way to a sustainable future and that’s why here at Adrian Core we are passionate about keeping things as environmentally friendly as possible.
We want to make sure that the way we work respects our planet and its resources to limit the knock-on effect to our environment.

Our Practice

From the very start of the design stages, we endeavour to incorporate a sustainable practice in our business. Designing long-lasting quality and keeping responsibly sourced materials in mind, we go on to manufacture as much in-house as possible to minimise impact on the environment and to ensure as much control as we can in both the physical production and the materials used to produce our furniture and kitchens.

Planting Trees

As we are taking wood as a natural resource to use in our kitchens, we are proud to now be dedicated to donating to plant trees for every installation we complete, endeavouring to replace as we go and increase our sustainability as a company.


Without ever skimping on quality, we select our materials with a great focus on sustainability. Our choices include the use of responsibly-sourced timber for our cabinets, water-based paint for finishes and partnering with suppliers who are equally as passionate about sustainable working as we are.


Introducing biophilic design into our business has been a way for us to get on nature’s side,  having greenery such as plants – which of course do wonders for the atmosphere, taking in carbon dioxide and bringing the outdoors in. Biophilia doesn’t just relate to plants though, showing off raw natural materials such as stone and timber is another element to it, meaning that being green is not just something to be proud of but also something which makes our designs unique and beautiful.

We are very proud of our green, high-quality kitchens – a kitchen with longevity is sustainable in itself and we are constantly looking to the latest environmentally friendly practices and updating how we work to reflect them.

If you would like to discuss our sustainability policy and products further, don’t hesitate to contact us for more in-depth information and to find out how a sustainably built kitchen can work for you.