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Sustainable kitchens from the core

Working with sustainable products is more than just about planning and design, it’s a way of life for us at Adrian Core. It’s no secret that we’re all working towards a more sustainable environment globally, so making sure we support eco-friendly living, is a top priority. We recognise that sustainability is the future of building and product design and so by keeping sustainable kitchen designs at the heart of everything we do, we ensure you have a kitchen that lasts and most importantly adds value to your home. 
Finding a kitchen designer that understands your kitchen design brief and shares your passion for sustainability can be difficult. After all, it’s not just about the materials and where they’ve been sourced, it includes energy saving, recycling, and water-saving to name a few. Most importantly having the necessary tools to be able to deliver that vision is vital and will allow you creative freedom whilst keeping within your brief. Before you jump into your next kitchen project, you’ll want to keep reading. Gather inspiration and find out what the latest sustainable kitchen trends are. We’ll give you an insight into our sustainable approach and how we can help plan your perfect kitchen remodel.

Sustainable kitchens that are built to last

Designing a durable, long-life kitchen, means buying quality. Buying the best you can afford means you won’t buy twice and you’ll have a kitchen that’s built to last a lifetime. Invest in good quality hinges, handles, and taps to ensure you get the efficiency and performance you require without having to worry about premature repairs and replacements. When it comes to sinks and taps, options are plentiful and by allowing enough budget to seek out long-lasting quality options, you’ll be reducing your impact on the planet, ensuring years and years of use. To complement those features, we encourage all of our customers to shop sustainably, offering support with the sourcing of energy-efficient kitchen appliances that deliver the highest energy ratings. 

Sustainable kitchen lighting

A fundamental part in sustainable kitchen design is environmentally friendly lighting and using lighting smartly will be great for your overall design. Choosing lighting that requires much less wattage means your lighting could be up to 80% more efficient and longer-lasting than others on the market. Looking at an LED range over CFL and incandescent light bulbs will help you achieve your sustainable lighting vision whilst cutting down on frequent replacement bulbs and higher electricity bills as we approach the darker winter months. 

Refurbish, recycle and reuse

Refurbish, recycle, and reuse is all part of our sustainability ethos at Adrian Core. Everything we design is created by our family team, right here in our home county of Cornwall. All of our materials are sustainably sourced and we heavily research them to ensure they meet our sustainability criteria. The timber we source is all FSC certified and we strive to achieve maximise yield, whilst minimising wastage and impact on the environment. We always re-use where possible and often reclaimed or recycled timbers are made into the most unique and wonderful designs. Our customers love this creative freedom and with Adrian’s love and passion for bespoke craftsmanship, your design options are limitless.

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