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When less becomes more with Adrian Core

Make less become more with clever storage solutions from Adrian Core. In a county where the location is often more important than square footage, getting smart with your space is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds. The way we live is changing, so adapting to live in smaller spaces with our around the clock lifestyles, means our homes have to be this multi-functional hub, fit for all purposes. 

Free up space

Compact living means thinking outside the box and ensuring you’re making the most of your living space with clever storage solutions, integrated audio and even sliding doors. As well as freeing up floor space and maximising areas of your room, achieving smarter living can tidy our minds as well as our living space. 

To help you in your planning journey, we’ve put together some examples of smarter living with clever storage designs, so you can get the best out of your home. 

Clever storage solutions 

Sliding door solutions– perfect for multi-functional living space. Where we would normally require 7ft of unobstructed space to open and close, pocket doors simply disappear into the walls, maximising available space. 

Corner swing cabinets- Protect your cabinets from slamming doors, with the swift, fluid movement of the corner swing unit. Reducing the need for searching and stretching, this innovative storage solution means your kitchen contents are never out of reach.

Flymoon sliding cabinet– Boasting a 20kg capacity, the flymoon is an ultra-stylish storage solution that provides clearer cabinet visibility and easier accessibility. 

Pull out cabinets – This integrated pull out unit boasts a half wine rack, half storage unit design The unit pulls towards you, allowing you to access its contents from both sides. Designed vertically, rather than horizontally, these pull out storage units are a fantastic solution for smaller kitchens.

Pull out storage – Suitable for both pull-out larder units and conventional base storage units, this easy to access pull out storage unit means there’s no excuse for wasted cupboard space. As well as offering organised pull out shelves, this design eliminates the need to reach into the back of your cabinets.

Make the most of your space with Adrian Core. The experts when it comes to bespoke home and office furniture solutions.