• corian reception desk

Contemporary Corian Reception Desk

Corian reception desk and bespoke furniture project for PKF-Francis Clark.

Designing the interior spaces of existing commercial buildings is always an exciting and rewarding venture and helping businesses relocate with clever design is what we do best. We work with many businesses throughout Devon and Cornwall, helping them to relocate, grow and change.

This design and manufacture project for the PKF-Francis Clark relocation at Centenary House, Exeter saw an entirely new design dynamic which transformed the existing space.
The most eye-catching piece in this design is most certainly the bespoke curved Corian reception desk which is backed by a cleverly designed storage wall. The striking centre piece was designed and manufactured by Core Office here in Cornwall, using a number of materials including Corian, Solid Oak and Slate. The distinctive design comprised of Juniper Corian which was thermoformed to create the two large curved sides. The curves were joined in the middle by a straight section with a solid slate top to enable disabled access. The desk behind was made from Oak MFC, with space for two receptionists to sit behind the curved panels, offering privacy for computer screens.
We created a sleek bank of bespoke storage walls, an ideal way of maximising the feeling of space, whilst keeping everything in place and hidden away. This floor to ceiling built-in storage, adds style and sophistication to this design taking advantage of the extensive hallway space without cluttering. The straight run was manufactured using solid oak and the curved run behind the Corian reception desk features a Polyrey Calcatta laminate frontage, built on a solid oak carcass.
Lastly, our client’s office wouldn’t be complete without coffee, so we incorporated solid oak reception tables and a credenza, which added comfort and functionality.
If you feel we could help tranform your office space, why not give us a call? We can arrange a design consultation and talk through your objectives and plans. Use the contact page to get in touch.
  • Project type: Commercial
  • Style: Corian thermoforming