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Being ‘Bespoke’ At Adrian Core

Living in an age where mass-produced goods are so readily available means that handmade furniture and unique items are popular choices these days. This is particularly true for people who want something a ‘little bit special’. The term ‘bespoke’ gets thrown around a lot because individual pieces are so sought after. Here at Adrian Core, we are very proud to say that we make all of our handmade furniture in our Cornish workshops and we wanted to let you know what it means to us to be bespoke.

Never Bought In

Every element of each piece of furniture is made by us here. That is everything from the carcassing and doors through to the drawers in our units and cabinets. We buy in large, raw panels of timber and cut them down and shape them ourselves here in our workshops. When the kiln-dried wood arrives to us, we allow it to ‘rest’. It is left to dry out on site and then we take it through the whole process of preparing it, cutting it down and shaping it. One of the members of our small team will use their expertise to create a totally tailor-made end product. This is something which we are very proud of indeed.

Bespoke Veneers

In woodworking, a veneer is a thin piece of wood which is bonded to either side of a substrate material. The substrate could be MDF or plywood, for example. We tend to favour plywood as a more sustainable option. The benefit of veneers over real wood is that where real wood can move and warp, veneered pieces cannot. At Adrian Core we lay our own veneers and never buy in ready-made veneered wood. We purchase the separate components and bond them together ourselves, this keeps the whole process in-house and allows us full control of the product. This way, we see all aspects of the veneer and are able to keep it as sustainable as possible and to optimum quality.


Every piece of furniture that we make is hand finished in our workshops by a member of the Adrian Core team. This could be sprayed in our spray booth with environmentally friendly paint, hand painted, oiled or lacquered. It is entirely dependent on the required finish for our customer. The important thing to us is that we achieve the finish without ever sending the furniture anywhere else and always finishing our lovingly-made pieces by hand, with an environmentally-friendly products every time.

Made to Measure

Our cabinets and furniture are made piece-by-piece which results in every single item being made-to-measure for each customer. No job is too big or small as we tailor-make every part for each client individually. Only products with standard sizes – such as dishwashers and ovens, – are built to a set size so as they can efficiently house the appliance. Also, we never store or hold stock here meaning everything is tailor-made to precise customer requirements and preferences.

Case By Case

Our business wouldn’t be our business without our customers. We arrange site visits and meetings to work with each client and the space they have on an individual basis. Every customer is valued and will experience a totally personalised service for their needs to make their visions a reality. Whether it is a handmade kitchen, a bespoke utility room or a unique piece of beautifully crafted furniture. All of which are made here at our Cornish workshops.

There are many claims of companies being ‘bespoke’ without any further detail which is why we wanted to tell you what it means to us here at Adrian Core and to justify why we feel we can confidently describe ourselves as a company who makes totally bespoke, made-to-measure, handmade furniture.

We would love to answer any questions you have about our work and to show you what we do here in our Cornish showroom. Why not get in touch today by calling 07540956570 and talking to us about how we can help you with achieving your bespoke-made, Cornish kitchen.