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The Benefits of Corian in your home

What is Corian and what are the benefits of Corian in your home?

We explain the benefits of Corian and how this original solid surface material has been successful in home use for over 40 years.

  • Corian is a solid surface created from an advanced blend of minerals, pigments and pure acrylic.
  • Created by Dupont Scientists, Corian is the original solid surface material.
  • Successfully used worldwide for over 40 years since its invention in 1967.
  • Corian has a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.
  • Corian is colourful. Fun. Imaginative. Versatile. Stylish

Corian is compatible:

  • Corian offers an expansive palette of 100 colours

     …all designed to be compatible with the fabrics, finishes and materials that surround them.

Corian is multi-talented:

  • You can shape Corian. Sculpt it. Cut it to any size. Rout it. Carve it. Sandblast it… Talk to Adrian Core about your vision and watch us create it.

    …You can even backlight it for dramatic effect. This gives almost limitless design freedom.

Corian is determined:

  • Corian works extremely hard to resist stains and offers superior hygeine…

       …It’s non-porous, so liquids, mould, mildew, germs and odours can’t penetrate.

Corian is loyal:

  • Corian stands by you, whatever life may dish out. It’s very easy to clean stain-resistant, highly durable and renewable…… So, you have fewer worries and more time to enjoy life.…

Corian is trustworthy:

  • Corian is backed by a 10-year product warranty from DuPont when fabrication and installation are performed by a member of the Corian Quality Network of Fabricators.

It’s your kitchen – 
let your imagination out of the box…

Give it a distinctive flavour with Corian:

… and your bathroom too…

Corian in summary:

Quite simply Dupont Corian is the seamless solution to a multitude of demands in surface design.

It enables your imagination to meet functional needs.

Corian adapts beautifully to any role, from subtle elegance to the most exotic of forms.

Corian has been created with innovation in mind.

From idea to reality, the resourcefulness of Corian is entirely at your creative disposal.

Get in touch with the design team to find out more by calling 01579 324174 or email info@adriancore.co.uk