Dream kitchen design
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Design it, build it, install it

Your Dream Kitchen Design

Your dream kitchen design … Let’s face it, we all dream of that multi-functional, beautiful, and efficient kitchen design but how many of us actually know where to start when it comes to design, and did you know that spending as little as £10,000 can make your dream kitchen design become a reality?

At Adrian Core, we like to create that real wow factor, transforming often dated and cramped interiors into beautiful spaces that are perfect for today’s modern family. When embarking on your new efficient kitchen design, the most important first step is layout planning, ensuring the best use of space. Knowing what you want and need from your new kitchen along with your desired features are just as important as knowing what space you have to work with and what your budget is. A site visit would enable us to give you the best layout advice along with a carefully planned kitchen design that meets your individual needs. Clever designed storage space accompanied with smart lighting and useful integrated features is just the beginning when it comes to creating your dream efficient kitchen.

A Build You Can Trust

The build… So you’ve decided on the fundamentals including layout and design but what next?? The team at Adrian Core has many years of experience when it comes to handcrafting quality bespoke furniture and kitchens. Our 25 years of expertise mean that along with offering fine craftsmanship, we are able to offer intelligent, bespoke storage solutions that include even the most complex of designs. Using only the finest materials, we pride ourselves on creating timelessly beautiful kitchens that are built to last. Our reputation is not only built on quality craftsmanship and 5-star service but also on the excellent build quality that we are so proud to call our own. 

Your Installation Journey

The installation… Managing each project right through from the initial planning and design through to installation is something we all love at Adrian Core. Ensuring minimal disruption, along with a time schedule that works for our clients is all part of the service. The end result? A beautiful bespoke kitchen design that has been created using only the finest, sustainably sourced materials. 

At Adrian Core, we believe your new kitchen project should be a journey to remember, that’s why we’re here to help you all the way. If you’re in the market for a luxury kitchen but need to save some valuable pennies for your new SMEG appliances, then call us. You’ll be amazed at what we can do !!