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How practical are our home offices?

Having the flexibility to work from home has been a blessing for many of us but how practical and functional are our home offices? Along with us being able to spend more time with family, we’ve cut down on our daily travel time but we’ve also increased the time we spend in our office environment. Whilst this can be seen as good for business efficiency, we must consider how well-equipped and comfortable our home offices are and how they support our longterm health.

The majority of home working set-ups are usually based around our kitchens, dining areas, or lounges which is great for refilling the cafetiere but is it helping our work/ life balance. A cleverly designed office or library environment creates that separation between work and home, whilst adding comfort and practicality.

practical home office

A designated and practical home office area that allows us to concentrate, will increase our work efficiency and give us the work/life separation many of us might be needing. Creating a bespoke home office, means you get to design your working environment exactly how you would want it. You can be clever with storage, be quirky in design, and create tailored work spaces for you to carry out your job to the best of your ability. Create bespoke library shelving units or a perfectly positioned bureau desk that has multiple uses and allows you to sit comfortably.

At Adrian Core, we specialise in practical home office design, bespoke furniture pieces and library furniture. For more information on designing a library or home office environment, call 01579 324174, and book a design consultation with Adrian or Lauren.