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Why Minerva is the kitchen worktop choice for many…

We explain why Minerva is the best kitchen worktop choice for many and how this practical and versatile worktop can be a cost-effective solution for your new kitchen.

A new kitchen can be a huge investment for many, but one that is high in the priority list for adding value to your home. Making the right choices on best use, best look and durability based on the way you live is so important and at Adrian Core that advice comes as part of the service.

We understand the importance of making the right decisions from the beginning and as kitchen and furniture makers with over 20 years experience in making, designing and installing, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Having designed and installed many kitchens using the latest Minerva worktops, we felt it important to share some of its benefits with you…

Manufactured using the latest, state of the art technology, Minerva doesn’t just look the part with its luxury finish, but it’s extremely practical too. When we’re looking at the best kitchen worktop choice, we inevitably want the most reliable product but sometimes budget can hold us back.

With the appearance of real stone, Minerva have delivered a kitchen worktop that not only looks like real stone and offers similar benefits, but that comes without the same price tag. Made using incredibly fine materials, this worktop offers a stunning smooth appearance that would compliment any kitchen design.

It’s super easy to clean surface means it’s a hassle-free choice for homeowners. It offers stain and heat resistant properties that even the most time restrained and clumsy homeowner would fall in love with. This worktop choice is offered in a variety of colours which means it will perfectly complement any exisiting design and colour scheme you have in mind. All this points to a cost-effective and luxurious style kitchen worktop and a perfect solution when it comes to transforming your kitchen space.

If your next project is a new kitchen and you need some advice on the best layout and worktop choice, call us today. We not only work to your budget but ensure that your kitchen design fits with its intended purpose to make sure you get the best value for years to come.

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