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The importance of good design

The result of good design is a space that truly reflects your character and tells your story. Everything we see and touch in our homes and commercial spaces is down to someone’s creative vision and that vision should come from you, your needs and your objectives.

At Adrian Core, we make good design decisions together, ensuring your living or working space fulfills its purpose and is as individual as you are. Having a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on your existing spaces is most certainly welcomed when it comes to redesigning our home and commercial environments and its easy to see why when the average refit is said to be every 10 years.

Re-designing or refitting your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or commercial space should be exciting and a great opportunity for you to assess all your new, modern-day requirements. A good designer will take into account storage, features, best use, family size and the budget you need to work within. A great designer will also look like a magician when it comes to awkward walls, angles, and spaces, by incorporating quirky finishing touches, pull out units and lighting.

Individuality is so important when it comes to redesigning a bespoke home or commercial space, therefore focal points and features to help give your space personality and look individual are a must. Clever redesign is about improving space and being creative, using tones to express, especially in open-plan environments. Replacing like for like is considered relocation and this is welcomed in cases where your space needs to promote independence to children, the less abled and the elderly.

Making your space feel comfortable and welcoming whilst being functional and fit for purpose is an art. At Adrian Core, we combine quality materials with great design and the result is a level of bespoke, hand-made luxury we are proud to call our own. Achieving a timeless design that is functional and belonging is what many of us strive to achieve. As is creating a sense of balance and order that can be enjoyed for years to come. Call us today to find out how we can help with your next home or commercial design project or visit the core project gallery where you’ll find the ultimate design inspiration.